Welcome to Sponge Dog - Windsor's mobile dog wash & grooming service

Hello everyone, we are Paula and Jason and we'd like to introduce you to our mobile dogwash and grooming service.  Both of us have been involved with dogs for many years, in the guise of owners, walkers and sitters and now we have added another string to our bow by training as dog groomers. 

Sponge Dog know that you would love to be able to devote more time to your dog, but with today's busy lifestyles it's hard enough to juggle work, leisure and family time as it is. This is where we can help

Sponge Dog comes to your house, or place of work in our bespoke vehicle, fully equipped with a therapeutic Hydrobath, Turbo Dryers, hydraulic height adjusted grooming table and full grooming equipment. 

Your dog is taken into the van dirty and returned to you clean and smelling fresh. It is a personal grooming parlour on your doorstep.

All we need from you is a drive or parking space large enough to park a large van, and the use of an electrical point to power our equipment. 

Our aim is to leave you with a dog to be proud of, who has enjoyed its’ pampering experience so much it can't wait to repeat it. This requires the minimum of effort on your part, leaving you extra time for the other important things in life. 

So why Sponge Dog? 

Less Fuss      Why take time out of your busy day, fight through traffic with a dirty dog in your clean car when we can come to you?  You don’t lift a paw we come to your door

Less Mess    Why create a mess of dirt, hair and havoc in your bathroom when we can do it in our secure, heated and dog friendly vehicle?  Even better after the dog wash they will shed less hair leaving your carpets and furniture cleaner and fresher for longer.

Less Stress  Why subject your dog to the stresses of car travel, being left behind or put with strange dogs in a busy parlour?  Your dog gets its’ own 2 to 1 service with two groomers just outside the door.