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What exactly is a mobile dog wash & grooming service?”
Sponge Dog will come to your house, or place of work, in our specially designed van which is equipped with the latest grooming equipment.  We have a Hydrobath which uses warm water, and is fitted with a spray head that produces a unique hydro-combing action which massages and stimulates the skin.  This is the most effective way of washing your dog, and they also get the added bonus of a therapeutic massage.  Our driers/blasters are strong enough to quickly dry your dog, and are adjustable in terms of speed (volume) and heat, which is ideal for using on even the most nervous or skittish dogs.   Finally we have a fully hydraulic table with restraints for our cutting, clipping and grooming services.

What happens you make a booking?”
When you call our first question will be, "do you have a parking space sufficient to park a large van, either on the road outside of your property or on your drive?"*.   We will also need access to an electric point as we have to "plug in" to power the equipment inside the van.  If this is not a problem then we will be happy to proceed with making an appointment.

When we come to your house we will meet you and your dog to discuss any health issues, allergies, sensitive areas, temperament issues or anything out of the ordinary we may need to know. You can then tell us what your requirements are, and after we check your dog we will be able to give you a final price.

*If parking is a problem, perhaps you can arrange to take your dog to a friend or family member who can house us. If not then we are very sorry, but we will be unable to perform our services.

What experience will my dog receive?”
After the pre-bath check, we will take your dog to our van where they will have their nails checked and trimmed if necessary.  We will then walk or lift him/her into the Hydrobath for a warm therapeutic massaging shower and shampoo.  Your dog is then put on our grooming table where they will be fully dried, their ears will be cleaned, coat brushed to remove matts and knots, or a full groom and clip depending on your requirements.  Once we have finished your dog will come back to you smelling great and with a waggy tail.

“My dog is old so this might be difficult as he can’t jump up?
Don't worry! If your dog is old or has joint problems, we are fully equipped to look after them.  Our Hydrobath has a removable door, enabling your dog to simply walk in, or if you/they prefer, we can lift them in and then the door can be closed.  The dog is washed with warm water and because of the spray head the dog is also massaged. Once washed, the dog can just walk out of the bath.   When they get to our grooming table it can be lowered to floor level so your dog can easily walk on/off, or we can lift them.